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We offer a variety of appointments

  • You can book routine appointments six weeks in advance with a doctor or nurse
  • You can book an urgent telephone consultation appointment each morning with a doctor or nurse
  • You can speak to our triage GP over the telephone each morning who is able to book same day appointments for acute problems    
  • You can make an appointment to see a doctor on Saturday morning
  • You can be seen before 8.00am by a doctor on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • You can be seen by a doctor or nurse after 6.30pm Tuesday and Wednesdays

Extended Access appointments

Times are changing evening and weekend appointments now available click to find out more or speak to your practice

Routine appointments

Appointments can be made over the telephone, online (see above) or in person to see any of the doctors.

Same day appointments

If you feel you are unable to wait for the next routine appointment and need an appointment on the day please ring before 10.00am and your details will be added to a Triage List. A GP will then phone you back to decide whether your problem requires you to see a doctor or can be dealt with via a telephone consultation.

See also Commuter Clinics

3 reasons NOT to miss your appointment

1. Help other patients

If you book an appointment but do not attend another patient will miss out

2. Reduce our workload

Failure to attend or cancel an appointment increases administrative work

3. Save the NHS money

According to government data, a GP appointment costs up to £50. Missed appointments waste money that you have invested in the NHS

How can you help?

Here are 3 simple ways you can help us to reduce the number of
wasted appointments:

  1. Encourage family members and friends to attend or cancel their appointments.
  2. Write down your appointment and/or add to your phone calendar. Even better, set a reminder.
  3. Always cancel unwanted appointments, no matter how late in the day

Thank you for your co-operation, support and help

Telephone Consultations

If you feel that your medical problem could be dealt with by a telephone consultation, all our doctors offer these daily. Just ring the normal surgery number and ask for one.

Emergency Appointments

The doctor on call will see emergencies only in the afternoon/evening.

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